• The Guild Leader´s Handbook

Scott F. Andrews

The Guild Leader´s Handbook

Strategies and Guidance from a Battle-Scarred MMO Veteran

Juni 2010, 216 Seiten, Broschur
No Starch Press
ISBN Print: 978-1-59327-258-6

20,00 €

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Who said dragon slaying was easy? Leading a guild in massively multiplayer online (MMO) games like World of Warcraft is more difficult than most players think. Your members look to you to keep a lid on drama, plan raids and battles, and lead them to riches and renown.

In The Guild Leader´s Handbook, you´ll learn how to create, and maintain a successful guild. Author Scott F. Andrews, a longtime guild leader and guild advice columnist for WoW.com, will show you how to guide your guild to glory. Whether you´re trying to confront a monstrous threat, conquer your rivals, or simply reign supreme as the wealthiest traders in the galaxy, The Guild Leader´s Handbook offers invaluable guidance to help you achieve your goals.

You´ll learn how to

- Plan successful raids, player vs. player battles, roleplaying sessions, and contests

- Deal with problem players and keep a lid on guild-fracturing drama

- Solve loot issues and choose the best loot distribution system for your guild

- Boost your guild´s morale, repution, and server presence

- Promote and motivate an effective officer corps

- Organize fun and safe real-world guild meetings and events

Whether you´re an established guild leader in need of sage advice or a dedicated player seeking to form your own community, The Guild Leader´s Handbook is an essential guide to managing a guild successfuly in any MMO game.



  • • Hundreds of thousands of guild leaders and officers in World of Warcraft and other online games
    • Dedicated players considering a leadership or officer role

Autor / Autorin

Since 2007, Scott F. Andrews has been helping other guild leaders and officers with his weekly advice column "Officers´ Quarters" for WoW.com. A veteran of the MMO genre, he leads one of the oldest surviving guilds in World of Warcraft.

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