• Photographic Composition

Albrecht Rissler

Photographic Composition

Principles of Image Design

November 2014, 190 Seiten,
Rocky Nook
ISBN Print: 978-1-937538-56-9

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All fine artists share a common goal: to combine individual elements into a convincing, cohesive whole that tells a story or expresses an intention. Photography is especially suited to this pursuit because the photographer can create multiple distinct images of a single subject using a variety of design techniques. The display on a digital camera instantly shows the arrangement of elements in an image, allowing the photographer to make changes and refine their creation as they work.

Albrecht Rissler believes that a firm understanding of image design is as important as having an observant eye or having the technical knowledge to operate a camera. Photographic Composition presents the most important concepts of image design and offers 250 beautiful photographs to illustrate these concepts. By applying these concepts to your own work, you will greatly improve your photographic eye and your ability to compose an ideal image.

Rissler presents his images in black-and-white, intentionally removing the distraction of color and making it easy to focus on compositional elements and form. With this book, photographers as well as all visual artists will learn how to infuse their own images with excitement, develop and hone their visual language, and express their personal artistic aesthetic.

Topics include:

- The effect of various aspect ratios
- Perspective and composition
- Form and contrast
- Proportion and harmony
- Symmetry and asymmetry
- Brightness and darkness
- Structures and textures
- The “perfect moment”



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Autor / Autorin

Albrecht Rissler started to draw as a child - and has never stopped. Drawing has played a key role in his development as a window dresser and later as a poster artist and a freelance graphic designer. He studied pedagogy and thaught art and technical subjects for 10 years at various schools. In 1980 he founded an illustration studio and worked for a number of books and magazine publishers. In 1988 Albrecht Rissler was hired as a professor of drawing and illustration at the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz. The subject of image composition - often informed by photography - is a key topic in his courses on illustation and in his publications. He has published two other books, on drawing: Zeichnen. Unterwegs mit Stift und Skizzenbuch in 1995 and Zeichnen in der Natur in 2012.

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