• Photoshop CC and Lightroom

Stephen Laskevitch

Photoshop CC and Lightroom

A Photographer´s Handbook

Oktober 2014, 335 Seiten,
Rocky Nook
ISBN Print: 978-1-937538-58-3

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Photographers can feel overwhelmed by Photoshop; the sheer number of tools and options make it difficult for novice and intermediate users. Though many instructional books are available, few focus on the aspects of the programm that are significant to a photography workflow.

Adobe Certified Instructor Steve Laskevitch uses his experience as a teacher and practitioner to create a guide for a clear, effective workflow for editing photographs in the 2014 release of Photoshop CC and its companions: Bridge, Camera Raw, and Lightroom 5. Focusing on the critical elements of a workflow, this book is designed to get you working quickly. The various applications are presented side-by-side so that a user of one can learn how to use the others. If you’re a new user, this book will be your roadmap.

In addition to the essential features of these programs, Laskevitch covers features specific to the new releases, including:

- Lightroom mobile
- Dramatically improved RAW image processing, including the new Radial Filter and retouching of irregular shapes
- The improved Blur Gallery, including selective focus, and bokeh effects
- Recomposing or retouching photos with even more content-aware editing
- Automatic straightening of image content
- Camera shake reduction
- Improved perspective correction
- Broader video support



  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Instructors
  • Students

Autor / Autorin

Steve Laskevitch, founder of Luminous Works Training & Consulting in Seattle, Washington and a teacher for three decades, has designed workflows for hundreds of photographers and companies. As an Adobe Certified Instructor, he trains creative individuals and firms and has regularly helped Adobe Systems prepare Lightroom and Photoshop Certified Expert exams. Steve has always enjoyed creating photographs—in the field, studio, or lab; on film and digitally. Students of all levels have appreciated Steve’s friendly and approachable style in the Luminous Works classroom and at the colleges, universities, and conferences where he has taught.

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