• The Manga Guide to Calculus

Hiroyuki Kojima / Shin Togomi

The Manga Guide to Calculus

August 2009, 255 Seiten, Broschur
No Starch Press
ISBN Print: 978-1-59327-194-7

17,00 €

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Noriko is just getting started as a junior reporter for the Asagake times. She wants to cover the hard-hitting issues, like world affairs and politics, but does she have the smarts for it? Thankfully, her overbearing and math-minded boss, Mr. Seki, is here to teach her how to analyze her stories with a mathematical eye.

In The Manga Guide to Calculus, you´ll follow along with Noriko as she learns that calculus is more than just a class designed to weed out would-be science majors. You´ll see that calculus is a useful way to understand the patterns in physics, economics, and the world around us, with help from real-world examples like probability, supply and demand curves, the economics of pollution, and the density of shochu (a japanese liquor).

Mr. Seki teaches Noriko how to:

- use differentiation to understand a function´s rate of change

- apply the fundamental theorem of calculus, and grasp the relationship between a function´s derivative and its integral

- integrate and differentiate trigonometric and other complicated functions

- use multivariate calculus and partial differentiation to deal with tricky functions

- use taylor expansions to accurately imitate difficult functions with polynomials

Whether you´re struggling through a calculus course for the first time or you just need a painless refresher, you´ll find what you´re looking for in The Manga Guide to Calculus.



  • • Students of calculus, from high school on up
    • Engineers, computer scientists, economists, statisticians
    • Libraries

Autor / Autorin

Hiroyuki Kojima received his PhD in Economics from the Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, at the University of Tokyo. He has worked as a lecturer and is now an associate professor in the Faculty of Economics at Teikyo University in Tokyo, Japan. While well-regarded as an economist, he is also active as an essayist and has published a wide range of books on mathematics and economics at the fundamental, practical, and academic levels.

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